ROOT-WORD is the Prefix BE. It is a word that has less meaning than it has personality. It does not change the meaning of a word, but it makes the word richer, stronger and fuller than the Root’s own meaning. No. 6 means to blockade. No.9 means to be covered with complete darkness, no light of a star. No.15 means to make filthy all over. BE makes everything INTENSE.

1. Bedeck : BE deck (be dek’) v.

To cover up; dress with finery

2. Bedight : BE dight (be dite’) v.

To adorn; as, Spenser’s line; “With woody moss bedight."

3. Beguile : Be guile (be gile’) v.

To bewitch; to deceive

4. Behavior : BE havior (be hay’ vyer) n.

One’s manner; one’s conduct

5. Belabor : BE labor (be lay’ bor) v.

To beat soundly; to thwack

6. Beleaguer : BE leaguer (be lee’ ger) v.

To blockade; to surround; as, with an army

7. Beloved : BE loved (be luvd’) adj.

Loved with great intensity

8. Bemused : BE mused (by myuzd’) adj.

Carried away in a dream state

9. Benighted : BE knighted (b nite’ ed) adj.

Overtaken by night or darkness

10. Bewail : BE wail (be wale’) v.

To weep for; express great sorrow; mourn

11. Behoove : BE hoove (be huve’) v.

To be necessary or proper; as, it behooves us to help others

12. Bequest : Be quest (be kwest’) n.

A gift; a legacy

13. Berate : BE rate (be rate’) v.

To scold loudly; harshly

14. Bestow : BE stow (be stoe’) v.

To give; to grant; as, the bestow blessings

15. Besmirch : BE smirch (be smirch’) v.

To make filthy; bespatter; befoul

16. Bereave : BE reave (be reve’) v.

To rob; deprive cruelly

17. Bestride : BE stride (be stride’) v.

To stride across; as, " He doth bestride the world …."

18. Betroth : BE troth (be troth’) v.

To become engaged; affiance

19. Betoken : Be token (be toe’ ken) v.

To forewarn; as, a dark cloud may betoken a storm

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