Beauty is truth Truth is beauty.

Beauty is truth Truth is beauty.

Barking dogs seldom bite.

This maxim carries the same meaning as Empty vessels make more noise. A dog which keeps on barking never has the courage to attack or bite any body. The dog also exhausts itself by barking and so they lack the energy to bite. An Empty vessel makes more noise because sound propagates nicely through empty vessel and if it contains something, sound cannot propagate. Similarly when we see a dark cloud in the sky with thunder we notice that it never rains.

A person who used to talk unnecessarily wasting his own time and other’s time never does any thing worth of its time. Just like a barking dog they do not do any thing fruitful. This is similar to the political situation where the politicians talk and give empty promises but they never do anything as promised. Similarly there are situations when a man gets angry he challenges anybody and he threatens others to kill others, but when his anger or anguish disappears he will not think of killing anybody.

Beauty is truth. Truth is beauty.

This philosophical statement means that the real beauty of a thing lies on its permanence and that there is only one ultimate beauty in this world is truth which never perishes. The remaining, though they seem to be beautiful, is not really beautiful as they are perishable.

This statement is found in the poem - Ode one a Grecian Urn - written by John Keats. He sees two pictures on the two sides of an urn. On one side there are young lovers and musicians and on the other side a number of pious people go to make a sacrifice at a green alter. In the end of the poem, Keats says that the Urn gives this message to humanity - BEAUTY IS TRUTH. TRUTH IS BEAUTY. That is all you know on earth and all you need to know. From this statement Keats tells that the real beauty is truth and nothing more and truth alone is the beautiful one. The beautiful objects that we consider so of this world such as flowers are not really beautiful. Even the works of art, though they seem to be imperishable become perishable later or sooner and so they are not really beautiful. So, the ever-remaining truth alone is the real beauty and the others may change and pass. So we should pay more attention to the core beauty rather than to the outer appearances.

Beauty is truth Truth is beauty.


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