Betty Botter

Betty Botter :

Betty Botter

One day, Betty Botter wanted to bake a cake. She bought some cheap butter to bake it. But something was wrong with the butter.

“This butter is bitter," said Betty Botter as she tasted the butter.

“If I put it in my cake batter, it will make the batter bitter. But if I put a bit of better butter that would make my batter better."

So, she went off to buy a better butter than her bitter butter. She mixed a bit of better butter into her cake batter. She tasted the batter and was happy that the batter was not bitter.

She adopted the best way to solve the problem. Because there will be always one.

Moral of the story :

If you have a problem, always think of the best way to solve it.

Bye Baby Bunting

One fine morning, a hunter was getting ready to go hunting. Before departing, he went to see his little baby. His baby was awake in a baby crib. He looked at his baby’s blanket and thought the blanket might not be thick enough for the coming winter.

“Bye, my little baby. Daddy is going hunting. Daddy is going to fetch some rabbit skin to make you a new blanket," said the hunter to his baby.

He kissed his baby and went off hunting. After the hunting, he bought a blanket which saved his child from the sever winter that followed.

Moral of the story :

As the head of the family, you must be able to provide food and clothing for your family.

Cobbler Cobbler

In a small town in England, there lived a poor little girl. Her friend invited her to come to her birthday party. She was so excited. But her right shoe was spoilt. She needed to get it mended quickly. So, she went to see a cobbler in her little town.

“Cobbler, cobbler," called the girl. “Please mend my shoe."

“When do you want it done, little girl?" asked the cobbler.

“Get it done by half-past two. Then I will give you half a crown," said the girl. The cobbler smiled and quickly mended her shoe.

The cobbler finished repairing her shoe before half-past two. The little girl was so happy. Now, she could go to her friend's birthday party.

Moral of the story :

You should be grateful that there are people who could do something good for you.

Betty Botter :


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