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Do you like reading books? Why? Why not? Share your reasons with your friends. What kinds of books do you like to read?

As we grow up, we come across many sources of knowledge. Books are one of the best sources of knowledge. Now, let us read a poem about a 'Bookshop', which has so many different, interesting books to choose from. This poem is from a Rhyme book. Read it quietly on your own.

So much to choose from! So many books!
Let's take our time and sit down and look.
Books about the princesses and witches and fairies,
Books about monsters and other hairy .
to make you laugh,
to take in the bath.
Books about making things, and things to do.
Books about visits to the farm and the zoo.
Books about animals and insects and birds.
Books full of pictures. Books full of words.
So much to choose from. Let's take our time.
How about this one? A book full of rhymes.

Jane Clark

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