bounce off the walls

bounce off the walls

be full of nervous excitement or agitation - North American informal

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bounce an idea off someone

share an idea with another person in order to get feedback on it and refine it – informal

a dead cat bounce

a misleading sign of vitality in something that is really moribund – informal

A dead cat might bounce if it is dropped from a great height…the fact of it bouncing does not reliably indicate that the cat is alive after all. The expression was coined in the late 20th century by Wall Street traders to refer to a situation in which a stock or company on a long-term, irrevocable downward trend suddenly shows a small temporary improvement.

on the bounce

as something rebounds

in quick succession – informal

2001 - Greyhound Star - He has now won twelve races on the bounce, including three big competitions.

bounce off the walls :

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