catch your death

catch your death = catch your death of cold

catch a severe cold or chill - informal

Related Idioms :

catch at straws

do, say or believe anything, however unlikely or inadequate which seems to offer hope in a desperate situation.

This expression comes from the proverb a drowning man will dutch at a straw which is recorded in various forms since the mid 16th century.

catch a cold = catch cold

become infected with a cold.

encounter trouble or difficulties, especially financial ones. – informal

2001 - Financial Times - Most observers expect house prices to rise... depending on whether the UK economy continues to grow smoothly or whether it catches a cold from the US.

catch the sun

be in a sunny position

become tanned or sunburnt – British

catch a Tartar

encounter or get hold of a person who can neither be controlled nor got rid of

meet with a person who is unexpectedly more than your match.

The Tartars (or Tatars), a combined force of central Asian people including Mongols and Turks, established a vast empire during the Middle Ages under the leadership of the j warlord Genghis Khan and were a byword for ferocity.

play catch-up

try to equal a competitor in a sporting event.

catch your death :

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