cede,ceed & cess

are which come from the Latin cedere which means . The differences in the spelling are due to the usual problem of the various spellings of the Latin Root. In addition, there is the extra odd spelling in No. 19 where we have CEASE instead of any of the others. 1. Cede :CEDE (sede) v. Yield; admit; as, cede a point in an argument 2. Accede :ac CEDE (ak sede’) v. To go along with; agree to 3. Concede :con CEDE (kon sede’) v. Yield to; agree to 4. Secede :se CEDE (se sede’) v. Go apart; separate; as, secede from the Union 5. Intercede :inter CEDE (int er sede’) v. Go between two litigants 6. Precede :Pre CEDE (pre sede’) v. Go before; as, the leader will precede the rest 7. Recede :re CEDE (re sede’) v. Go back; as, the tide begins to recede 8. Precedent :pre CEDE nt (pres’ ed ent) n. That which went before; as, a precedent for an opinion 9. Procedure :pro CED ure (pro see’ jure) n. The manner of going forward 10. Absoess :abs CESS (ab’ ses) n. A localized collection of pus due to infection

11. Ancestor :an CES tor (an’ ses tor) n. One who came before, as father or grandfather 12. Intercession :inter CESS ion (int er sesh’ un) n. Act of going between 13. Recession :re CESS ion (re sesh’ un) n. Act of going back 14. Procession :pro CESS ion (pro sesh’ un) n. Act of going forward 15. Success :suc CESS (suk ses’) n. The reaching of a goal; achieving the goal 16. Exceed :ex CEED (ek seed’) v. To go beyond the ordinary; beyond the average 17. Succeed :suc CEED (suk sede’) v. To achieve; to reach the goal 18. Process :pro CESS (pros’ es) n. The going forward; the movement forward 19. Decease :de CEASE (de sese’) v. To go away; to depart from life; to die 20. Accession :ac CESS ion (ak sesh’ un) n. The going to; as, the accession to the throne