Freedom or Suppression?

Government censorship can be looked at as a blessing or an unneeded burden. I personally feel that all censorship is completely unnecessary and should be found unconstitutional. It is the countless moral views that bring no right answer for what should and should not be censored. I know that the government’s version of censorship varies greatly from mine, just as mine does from a world wide view.

The citizens of the United States are living in a pure democracy that has given us all first amendment rights. This alone should mean that there should be no government intervention on a code of ethics or morality. This should mean that we as citizens should be allowed complete freedom of our own choices. Our government was set up to make laws and to keep our society in order. They were doing a fine job until they started making decisions for us on what is or isn't decent. The most recent example of this is the Communication Decency Act of 1996(Located in the Telecommunications Act Of 1996). This act more or less states that the Internet should be censored and be given restrictions. The first issue this brings up is who owns the Internet. No one really owns it because it is really thousands of computers networked together. The main backbone of the Internet was originally made up of government funded universities and other government institutions. However that is no longer the case. Now the majority of the Internet is run and operated by independent services and everyday citizens. The Internet is a modern day symbol of the freedom of speech we have in our society. The government has no right to tell us what we can and can not do in our homes. No one is forcing anyone to go to any specific area of the Internet for anything. These are all choices made with our own free will. I feel that the government is clearly violating the fine line between church and state. The Job of the church is to keep up moral and ethical standards in our world. Obviously the government got the wrong job description for clearly they are violating the trust they have in the Church doing its job.

I know that if they put me in charge of things would be a lot different from how they are today. The first step I would make would be censoring all Ex-lax and Imodium D commercials. I find it extremely peculiar that these commercials always seem to appear right during dinner. Not only do I find these commercials offensive, but I am also repulsed by the poor time slots the commercials are characteristically shown in. The next action I would take would be censoring WWF wrestling. I find the men in their partially clad outfits to be extremely disturbing. The sport also does nothing more than promoting violence. Both verbally and physically... The last thing I would remove would be the infomercials on TV that not only take away from the precious moments of our lives, but they also take an extremely repetitive approach which degrades the sense of the viewer’s intelligence. This I find to be most offensive. You may not see eye to eye with some of my viewpoints, but that is where censorship is clearly impractical. Everyone has different moral and ethical viewpoints on what’s right and wrong. Who is to say what we can and can't see and hear? Obviously we know the answer of that question to be the government, but who is to say that they are right, and that they are actually helping us become better humans?

Different cultures fail to share the views we have with the entire censorship issue. The best example of this is the Internet. If we were to censor the Internet, a lot of the material could not be taken down due to the acceptance of the material in the foreign country the site is located in. Obviously other countries see no need for censorship. The issues that we find offensive are openly dealt with in other countries. One can only assume that our government is therefore taking away more of the freedom that we as citizens living in a free democratic country deserve to have.

As you can see, along with our freedom comes the need for us to know what is wrong and what is right. If the government would allow all the material it finds indecent, there would be less of a problem with the material. People eventually get used to things, and they loose their shock value and soon these things are no longer perceived as wrong. If the government would drop their entire censorship kick, I have full confidence that people can censor for themselves what they perceive to be right and wrong.

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