ROOT-WORD is CHRON which means TIME. It comes from the Greek word chronos. The awareness of events CHRONologically gives us a perspective of history impossible without it. Whether an event came before or after assumed real significance with the appearance of CHRONicles. This is a very valuable key

1. Chronic : CHRON ic (kron’ ik) adj.

Continuing for a long time; as, a chronic invalid

2. Chronicle : CHRON icle (kron’ i k’l) n.

A record of events in order of time

3. Chronicler : CHRON icler (kron’ i kler) n.

A historian; as, a chronicler of events

4. Chronology : CHRON ology (kro nol’ o jee) n.

The science of recording events by period and by date

5. Chronologist : CHRON ologist (kro nol’ o jist) n.

An expert in the science of chronology

6. Chronologize : CHRON ologize (kro nol’ o jize) v.

To give to time its period and to an event its date

7. Chronologer : CHRON ologer (kro nol’ o jer) n.

Another name for a chronologist

8. Chronobarometer: CHRON obarometer (kron o ba rom’ e ter) n.

Barometer connected with clock work

9. Chronocyclegraph: CHRON ocyclegraph (kron o sie’ k’l graft) n.

A photograph showing the course of motion by timed flashes

10. Chronograph : CHRON ograph (kron’ o graf) n.

11. Chronograph : CHRON ography (kro nog’ ra fee) n.

A record of past time; history

12. Chronomancy : CHRON omancy (kron’ o man si) n.

Divination to determine the right time for action

13. Chronologic : CHRON ologic (kron of oj’ ik) adj.

Relating to chronology

14. Chronologicalaly: CHRON ologically (kron ol oj; i ka jee) adv.

According to periods of time in which the events took place, logically speaking

15. Chronometer : CHRON ometer (kro nom’ et er) n.

Instrument to keep time

16. Chronopher : CHRON opher (kron’ o fer) n.

An instrument which signals the correct time

17. Chronoscope : CHRON oscope (kron’ o skope) n.

Instrument which measures minute intervals of time

18. Chronoscopy : CHRON oscopy (kron os’ ko pi) n.

The study of brief intervals of time by means of a chronoscope

19. Synchronous : syn CHRON ous (sin’ kro nus) adj.

Happening at the same time

20. Chronothermal : CHRONO thermal (kron o ther’ mal) adj.

Relating to time and temperature

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