claim & clam

These ROOT-WORDS are CLAIM & CLAM which comes from the Latin clamare - DECLARE, CALL OUT & CRY OUT. Notice the different pronunciation and spelling of the two forms. This ROOT-WORD ‘CLAIM’ which is a complete word in its own right, has other ROOT-WORDS attached to it, making new words, but they are all related.

1. Claim : CLAIM (klame) v.

To call one’s own; to ask for; to maintain

2. Reclaim : re CLAIM (re klame’) v.

Make an effort to regain; demand the return of

3. Claimable : CLAIM able (klay’ ma b’l) adj.

Can be claimed

4. Clamor : CLAM or (klam’ or) n.

A shouting; a racket

5. Clamorous : CLAM or (klam’ o rus) adj.

Full of noise

6. Acclaim : ac CLAM (a klame’) v.

To give praise to; to applaud

7. Declaim : de CLAIM (de klame’) v.

To make a format speech

8. Declamation : de CLAM ation (dek ia may’ shun) n.

A recitation; an oration

9. Disclaim : dis CLAIM (dis klame’) v.

Cast off; deny; disown

10. Exclaim : ex CLAIM (eks klame’) v.

Cry out; as, with pain

11. Exclamation : ex CLAM ation (eks kla may’ shun) n.

A cry; an outcry

12. Claimant : CLAIM ant (klay’ mant) n.

One who makes a claim

13. Reclaimable : re CLAIM able (re klay’ ma b’l) adj.

Can be restored; can be salvaged

14. Irreclaimable : ire CLAIM able (ir e klay’ ma b’l) adj.

Cannot be restored; is not salvageable

15. Irreclaimability : ire CLAIM ability (ir e klame a bil’ i ti) n.

The quality of not being able to be restored

16. Proclaim : pro CLAIM (pro klame’) v.

Make known to the public

17. Proclamation : pro CLAM ation (prok la may’ shun) n.

A notice to the public

18. Proclamatory : pro CLAM atory (pro klam’ a toe ri) adj.

Related to proclaiming; as, a proclamatory style

19. Unclaimed : un CLAIM ed (un klamed’) adj.

Not called for; as, many lost things are unclaimed

20. Exclamatory : ex CLAM atory (eks clam’ a toe ri) adj.

Relating to an exclamation; as, an exclamatory remark

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