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close shave

close shave = close call

a narrow escape from danger or disaster – informal

Related Idioms :

close to the bone

(of a remark) penetrating and accurate to the point of causing hurt or discomfort

(of a joke or story) likely to cause offence because near the limit of decency

close the door on

exclude the opportunity for

refuse to consider

1999 - South China Morning Post - Fergie did not close the door on the couple reconciling some day.

close to home

(of a remark or topic of discussion) relevant or accurate to the point that you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed

close your mind to

refuse to consider or acknowledge

close ranks

(of soldiers or police officers) come closer together in a line

unite in order to defend common interests

1998 - Country Life - The farming community stands to lose those privileges unless it closes ranks against the few who let the side down.

close to = close on

(of an amount) almost

very nearly

run someone close

almost match the same standards or level of achievement as someone else

too close for comfort

dangerously or uncomfortably near

too close to call

(of a contest, race, etc.) so evenly balanced that it is impossible to predict the outcome with confidence - informal

close shave :

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