Code of Sportsmanship

Code of Sportsmanship :

The Good sportsmen keep the rules.

The Good sportsmen keep faith with your comrade.

The Good sportsmen keep your temper.

The Good sportsmen keep yourself fit.

The Good sportsmen keep a stout heart in defeat.

The Good sportsmen keep your pride under in victory.

The Good sportsmen keep a sound soul, a clean mind and a healthy body.

The Good sportsmen play the game.

A Good Sportsman is Courteous.

ON THE FIELD he does not jeer at errors.

He does not cheer at the opponent's defeat.

He treats them as guests, not enemies.

IN SCHOOL he is considerate to the authorities, the fellow students and the teachers.

IN LIFE he is respectful to others.

He treats them as he would be treated.

A Good Sportsman is MODEST.

ON THE FIELD he works for the good of the team rather than for individual honour.

He will even sacrifice his own prestige for his team.

He is a gracious winner.

IN SCHOOL he does not become conceited over his success, neither does he feel himself superior to his class-mates.

IN LIFE he does not blow about what he is going to do.

He does not boast about what he has done.

A Good Sportsman is generous.

ON THE FIELD he applauds a good play of his opponents.

IN SCHOOL he appreciates another’s merit.

IN LIFE he does not ridicule the man who is down but encourages him.

He is not afraid to voice his opinions straight-forwardly and clearly.

A Good Sportsman is game.

ON THE FIELD he plays hard.

He Fights Though He May Be Already Defeated.

He Accepts Adverse Decisions.

He Is A Good Loser.

IN SCHOOL he does his work, he keeps on working in the face of almost certain failure.

He has the vim to think straight, the pluck to act straight.

IN LIFE he does his part however hard it may be.

He accepts reverses with a smile and tries again.

ON THE FIELD he observes the rules of the games.

IN SCHOOL he observes all the regulations.

IN LIFE he respects the rules which help to promote harmony.

A Good Sportsman is fair.

ON THE FIELD he competes in a clean, hard-fought but friendly way.

He helps an injured opponent.

IN SCHOOL he does not waste his time nor that of the teachers.

He is always honest.

IN LIFE he sees impartially both sides of a question.

Code of Sportsmanship :

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