coni & koni

ROOT-WORDS are CONI & KONI from the Greek words konia & konis which mean DUST. There are not so many words with this KEY, but the ones listed are important to know, related to your health.

1. Coniosis : CONI osis (koe ni o’ sis) n.

Disease which comes from inhaling dust particles

2. Pneumonoconiosis: pneumono CONI osis(nue mo no koe ni o’ sis) n.

A disease of the lungs caused by inhaling dust as, Stone-cutters and miners are often subject to Pneumonoconiosis

3. Koniscope : KONI scope (kon’ i skope) n.

An instrument for estimating the dust in the atmosphere

4. Konimeter : KONI meter (koe’ ni mee ter) n.

A device for estimating the dust content of the air

5. Koniology : KONI ology (koe ni ol’ o ji) n.

The science of atmospheric and floating germs

6. Conium : CONI um (koe nie’ um) n.

A genus of poisonous herbs, as poison hemlock

7. Coniophora : CONI ophora (koe ni of’ o ra) n.

A genus of fungus which causes dry rot in the timber of buildings

8. Coniothyrium : CONI othyrium (koe ni o thir’ i um) n.

The cause of white rot in grapes

9. Otoconia : oto CONI a (a to’ ko neea) n.

Ear dust

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