cord, cour, cor & court

ROOT-WORDS are cord,cour,cor & court which are in a double-form. Although the words on the list look as if they come from the same root they do not. One is from the Latin COR - COUR - CORD and means of the HEART. The other is from the French COURT and means of the COURT. You will note that the first nine are from the Latin; the list then gives you the words from the French. Be careful.

1. Core : COR e (kore) n.

The heart; central part; as the core of the apple

2. Cordial : CORD ial (kor’ jal) adj.

Cheerful; with warmth; with heart

3. Cordially : CORD ially (korj’ a lee) adv.

In a hearty manner

4. Courage : COUR age (kur’ ij) n.

Bravery; fearlessness

5. Courageous : COUR ageous (ku ray’ jus) adj.

Full of bravery

6. Cordiality : CORD iality (kor jee al’ it ee) n.

Warmth of feeling; heartiness

7. Discouraged : dis COUR aged (dis kur’ ijd) adj.

Deprived of courage; disheartened

8. Undiscouraged : undis COUR aged (un dis kur’ ijd) adj.

Not disheartened

9. Encouraged : en COUR aged (en kur’ ijd) adj.

Given courage; heart; made hopeful

10. Court : COURT (kort) n.

A king’s assembly; also a house of justice

11. Courtesy : COURT esy (kurt’ e see) n.

Courtly behavior; politeness

12. Courteously : COURT eously (kurt’ ee us lee) adv.

Behaving with courtly politeness

13. Courtier : COURT ier (kort’ ee er) n.

A member of the king’s court

14. Courtliness : COURT liness (kort’ lee nes) n.

The quality of elegant behavior at the king’s court

15. Courthouse : COURT house (kort’ hows) n.

The building where trials are held

16. Court-martial : COURT martial (kort mar’ shal) n.

A military trial for a military offense

17. Courtship : COURT ship (kort’ ship) n.

The period of time when the gentleman woos the lady

18. Discourtesy : dis COURT esy (dis kurt’ e see) n.

Rudeness; lack of proper behavior

19. Discourteously : dis COURT eously (dis kurt’ ee us lee) adv.


20. Court ling : COURT ling (kort’ ling) n.

A courtier; one who courts the favor of the powerful

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