What is the difference between corrigenda and errata?

Both corrigenda and errata refer to the errors - usually in spelling - that occur in writing or printing. The words are mainly used to refer to the list of errors in a book along with their corrections. Of the two words errata is the more common. The errata or corrigenda are usually appended to the book - one usually finds this page at the back. The singular of corrigenda is corrigendum; while that of errata is erratum. A note about the pronunciation of corrigenda: The o in the first syllable is like the o in cot, pot, and hot, while the i in the second is like the i in pit, sit, and bit. The gen in the next syllable sounds like the gen in gentle and gentleman. The a in the final syllable is like the a in China. The main stress is on the third syllable.

In the case of errata, the first a is pronounced like the a in cat, bat, and hat, while the second sounds like the a in China. The stress is on the second syllable.

COURTESY : The Hindu (The National News-Paper) - India

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