count your chickens

count your chickens

treat something that has not yet happened as a certainty – informal

This phrase refers to the proverb don't count your chickens before they're hatched.

Related Idioms :

a chicken-and-egg problem

an unresolved question as to which of two things caused the other

This expression comes from the traditional riddle : which came first…the chicken or the egg?

chickens come home to roost

your past mistakes or wrongdoings will eventually be the cause of present troubles

This phrase comes from the proverb curses, like chickens, come home to roost.

1997 - Arundhati Roy - The God of Small Things – He knew, had known, that one day History's twisted chickens would come home to roost.

running about like a headless chicken = rushing about like a headless chicken

acting in a panic-stricken manner and not thinking clearly about what should be done

A decapitated chicken may continue to flap about for a few moments before finally expiring.

count your chickens :

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