cracked up to be

cracked up to be

asserted to be (used to indicate that someone or something has been described too favourably) - informal

This expression stems from the use of crack as an adjective to mean pre-eminent - a sense dating from the late 18th century.

1986 - Willy Russell - Shirley Valentine - Our Brian suddenly realised that the part of Joseph wasn't as big as it had been cracked up to be.

Related Idioms :

go crackers

become insane

go mad

become extremely annoyed or angry

get cracking

act quickly and energetically - informal

a bit of crackling

an attractive woman regarded as a sexual object - British informal

1968 - Peter Dickinson - Skin Deep - 'You know her?' 'I do, sir. Nice bit of crackling, she is.'

cracked up to be :

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