ROOT-WORD is CREA which comes from the Latin creare which means to CREATE. This is one of the most important words in our language or in any language. Our world and we in it, together with all the qualities of heart and mind, depend on the CREAtion of scientist as well as artist. One artist, Joseph Haydn (see below), had a wife who did not care for music. She liked to cut up his musical compositions into strips and use them for hair curlers.

1. Creant : CREA nt (kree’ ant) adj.

Creating; having the urge to create

2. Create : CREA te (kree ate’) v.

Bring into existence; produce; as, create a song

3. Creation : CREA tion (kree ay’ shun) n.

The act of creating

4. Creational : CREA tional (kree ay’ shun al) adj.

Relating to creation

5. Creationary : CREA tionary (kree ay’ shun ar i) adj.

Having the nature of creation

6. Creative : CREA tive (kree ate’ iv) adj.

Having the power to produce; as, creative ability

7. Creator : CREA tor (kree ate’ or) n.

One who creates; maker

8. Creature : CREA ture (kree’ chur) n.

Anything created; a creation

9. Re-create : re CREA te (re kree ate’) v.

Bring to existence again; refresh; revive

10. Recreation : re CREA tion (rek ree ay’ shun) n.

The act of refreshing; renewal by food, exercise, or rest

11. Recreational : re CREA tional (rek ree ay’ shun) al) adj.

Having the nature of refreshing

12. Recreationist : re CREA tionist (rek ree ay’ shun ist) n.

One seeking recreation

13. Procreate : pro CREA te (pro’ kree ate) v.

To beget offspring; to generate

14. Procreation : pro CREA tion (pro kree ay’ shun) n.

The act of begetting; generation

15. Procreant : pro CREA nt (pro’ kree ant) adj.

Fruitful; productive

16. Procreative : pro CREA tive (pro’ kree ate iv) adj.

Having the power to procreate

17. Procreatory : pro CREA tory (pro’kree a to ri) adj.


18. Uncreative : un CREA tive (un kree ay’ tiv) adj.

Lacking creative power; unimaginative

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