cub & cumb

ROOT-WORDS are CUB & CUMB. They come from the Latin cubare & cumbere. They mean LEAN BACK & LIE DOWN. We get a glimpse of the manners of eating in ancient Rome. We become modern again with the inCUBator for eggs and babies. Don’t look at the answer to the missing words department till you’ve tried it. Have fun!

1. Accubation : as CUB ation (ak yue bay’ shun) n.

Posture of lying down; leaning

2. Accubitus : ac CUB itus (A kue’ bi tus) n.

A bishop’s private office; a couch

3. Accubitum : ac CUB itum (a kue’ bi tum) n.

A couch, crescent-shaped, at which five people could recline

4. Accumbent : ac CUMB ent (a kum’ bent) adj.

Lying back; as, at meals in ancient Rome

5. Incumbent : in CUMB ent (in kum’ bent) n.

One who is the official holder of an office

6. Incumbency : in CUMB ency (in kum’ ben see) n.

Sphere of action of an office holder

7. Encumber : en CUMB er (en kum’ ber) v.

To place a burden upon; hamper; overload

8. Encumbrance : en CUMB rance (en kum’ brans) n.

A burden

9. Incubate : in CUB ate (in’ kyu bate) v.

To hatch by keeping warm

10. Incubator : in CUB ator (in’ kyu bate or) n.

An apparatus for hatching artificially

11. Incubation : in CUB ation (in kyu bay’ shun) n.

The process of incubating

12. Incubational : in CUB ational (in kyu bay’ shun al) adj.

Relating to incubation

13. Incubative : in CUB ative (in’ kyu bay tiv) adj.

Characteristic of incubation

14. Incubatorium : in CUB atorium (in kyu ba to’ ri um) n.

A structure used for incubation

15. Incubatory : in CUB atory (in’ kyu ba to ri) adj.

Serving for incubation

16. Incubus : in CUB us (in’ kyu bus) n.


17. Recumbent : re CUMB ent (re kum’ bent) adj.

Leaning back; lying down

18. Recumbency : re CUMB ency (re kum’ ben see) n.

The state of lying down

19. Succumb : suc CUMB (su kum’) v.

To sink under a burden or pressure

20. Succumber : suc CUMB er (su kum’ er) n.

One who succumbs

21. Succubus : suc CUB us (su kyu’ bus) n.

Female demon with strong desire for pleasure

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