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ROOT-WORDS are CYCL & CYCLO. They come from the Greek cyclos, meaning WHEEL, CIRCLE & CIRCULAR. A bit more about the CYCLOrama, No. 7. This curved background on the stage gives an audience a feeling of being part of the production. CYCLOPS, No. 8, was a hideous monster with a single eye, one of a race of giants. You can read about him in Greek mythology or in Homer’s Odyssey.

1. Cycle : CYCL e (sie’ kul) n.

A complete course of operations returning to its original state

2. Cyclic : CYCL ic (sie’ klik) adj.

Moving in circles or cycles

3. Cyclian : CYCL ian (sik’ li an) adj.

Moving in circles

4. Cyclical : CYCL ical (sie’ kli kal) adj.

Moving in a circle or cycle

5. Cyclometer : CYCL ometer (sie klom’ et er) n.

Instrument to measure area of circles

6. Cyclometry : CYCL ometry (sie klom’ e tri) n.

Science of measuring circles

7. Cyclorama : CYCL orama (sie klo ram’ a) n.

A spectacle painted on a curved beackground

8. Cyclops : CYCL ops (sie’ klops) n.

A mythical giant with one eye in the middle of his forehead

9. Cyclitis : CYCL it is (si klie’ tis) n.

Inflammation of the tissue behind the eyeball

10. Cyclograph : CYCLO graph (sie’ klo graf) n.

An apparatus attached to a bicycle which records the topography of the road

11. Cyclographer : CYCLO grapher (sie klog’ ra fer) n.

One who writes of a cycle of legends

12. Cycloid : CYCLO id (sie’ kloid) adj.

Circular or arranged in circles

13. Cyclone : CYCLO ne (sie’ klone) n.

A wind blowing circularly; a tornado

14. Cyclonology : CYCLO nology (sie klone’ ol’ o ji) n.

Study of cyclones

15. Cyclonoscope : CYCLO noscope (sie kloe’ no skope) n.

Apparatus for finding the center of a cyclone

16. Cyclopean : CYCLO pean (sie klo pee’ an) adj.

Like a Cyclops; having a median eye

17. Cyclopedia : CYCLO pedia (sie klo peed’ ee a) n.

The range of human knowledge

18. Cyclopedic : CYCLO pedic (sie klo pede’ ik) adj.

Being like an encyclopedia; as, a cyclopedic mind

19. Cycloscope : CYCLO scope (syk’ lo skop) n. A machine to measure velocity of rotation

20. Cyclopedist : CYCLO pedist (sie klo pee’ dist) n.

One who writes for an encyclopedia

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