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Degrees of Comparison : Adjectives

There was an old man named Rama in Mysore. He was a poor farmer. He had three lazy sons. But all of them were strong and healthy young men. This worried and saddened the old man. The worried old man got an idea. He called his sons and said, “I have hidden a treasure in our farm land. Go and find and share the treasure among you”. The over joyed sons started to turn each nook and corner of the field but didn’t find anything. They were disappointed. Their father said to them, “You have ploughed the field, why not sow a crop.” The sons agreed. Soon the crops grew lushly green. The father said to the sons, “This is the treasure I wanted you to share.” The delighted sons thanked their loving father. We see that fruits of hard work are always sweet.

Old, Poor, Worried, Saddened, Loving – Farmer / man

Lazy, Strong, Healthy, Sons, Delighted

These words old, poor, worried, Saddened, Strong, healthy, delighted, lazy, loving, lushly, green are Adjectives. they tell us something about the Noun man or farmer, farmer, son and crop.

The form of an adjective is often changed to show the extent or degree of quality present in a person or thing. This change in form to show the difference in level is called Comparison. There are three forms of comparison. The degree of comparison will be there in those forms.



Loving….more loving…most loving


Forms of Adjectives

1. Positive

2. Comparative ‐ er

3. Superlative ‐ est

fast - faster – the fastest

FAST is the word for POSITIVE.

FASTER is the word for COMPARATIVE.

FASTEST is the word for the SUPERLATIVE.

Here are few more examples for all the three of comparison.

large - larger - the largest

high – higher – the highest

quick - quicker - the quickest

tall - taller - the tallest

fat – fatter – the fattest

big - bigger - the biggest

small – smaller – smallest

slow – slower – slowest

dark – darker – darkest

white – whiter – whitest

long – longer – longest

good – better – best

beautiful – more beautiful – most beautiful

Happy – Happier – The Happiest

Ugly – uglier – the ugliest

1. My grandmother has a huge house.

2. The girl wore a beautiful dress.

3. I wrote a long letter.

4. My mother is a pretty woman.

5. An elephant is a big animal.

6. My computer is a very new model.

Dry – drier – driest

Esay – easier – easiest

Pretty – prettier – prettiest

Lovely – lovelier – loveliest

Expensive – more expensive – the most expensive

dangerous - more dangerous - the most dangerous

Terrible - more terrible - the most terrible

Little – less - the least

Bad – worse – the worst

Old – older / elder – oldest / eldest

Many / much – more – most

Late – later – latest

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