Developing Conversation Skills

Developing Conversation Skills :

Let’s talk!

The best way to acquire a language is by engaging in conversation with an English-speaking peer, colleague or friend who is patient and willing to help you along. Conversations complete the circle of communication. You listen, speak, give back feedback and listen again. Gestures can also help you convey your meaning and ask for clarification. In fact, being able to stop the conversation and start again to get clarification or feedback is the reason that conversation is the most useful technique for acquiring a new language. If your circle of native English speakers is limited and you enjoy going to church or the movies or if you practice sports, do so in an English-only environment.

Understanding Idioms : Easy as pi"?

What pie? Dictionaries are essential for progress in reading and writing. In addition to defining words, many dictionaries define idioms such as EASY AS PIE which are cultural expressions without literal translations. Academic dictionaries and word lists are especially important for college-level English Language Learners.

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Developing Conversation Skills :

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