Dialogue while Teaching of Nursery Rhymes

Dialogue while Teaching of Nursery Rhymes :

The dialogue should not be very long. It should reflect the phonetic and interactive features of the spoken language, that is, weak form, contractions, linking word accent, intonation, assimilation, phrasal verbs, question tags, ellipses, etc. The sentences should be short and simple. Alternative structures should be given wherever possible. It should be modified to cater to different levels of linguistic proficiency and cognitive skills. Teacher should also decide upon the appropriate body language that will accompany the utterances.

Example : 1

Leela : Mother, I’m feeling very hungry and thirsty. May I have something to eat and drink, please?

Mother : Well, what would you like to have?

Leela : I think I’ll have a sandwich and a glass of milk.

Mother : Here you are, Leela.

Leela : Oh, thank you mother.

Example : 2

Salesperson : Good evening, can I help you?

Mahesh : Well, I need three notebooks, a ruler, an eraser, a sharpener and five sheets of white chart paper.

Salesperson : Just a moment. I’ll get them for you. Here you are.

Mahesh : How much for all these?

Salesperson : That’ll be Rs 45 for the notebooks, Rs 5 for the ruler, Rs 3 for the eraser, Rs 4 for the sharpener and Rs 20 for the chart paper. That makes it Rs 77 in all.

Mahesh : (gives a 100 rupee note) Here you are.

Salesperson : (Packs all the items and hands them to Mahesh). Here are the things and your change too.

Mahesh : Thank you, sir.

Salesperson : Thank you and goodbye.

Example : 3

Salesperson (SP) : Good morning. Can I help you?

Customer (C) : Yes, please. I am looking for a pullover.

SP : I see. What size please?

C : Er…. Small size.

SP : Any particular colour that you would like?

C : Yes. Green, if possible?

SP : Here you are, light green and dark green.

C : The light green one looks nice. How much is it?

SP : Rs 400. Would you like to try it on?

C : Yes.

SP : The changing room is over there.

C : Thank you. (Tries it on and comes back.)

SP : Well, did it fit?

C : Yes, it’s perfect. I’ll take it.

SP : All right. I’ll pack it for you.

C : And here’s Rs 400. Thank you.

SP : Thank you, sir/madam.

Dialogue while Teaching of Nursery Rhymes :

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