dict & dic

ROOT-WORDS are DIC & DICT which mean SAY & DECLARE. It is a good ROOT to own and opens the door to many needed words. You will recognize it without difficulty. Notice the change in pronunciation of words 13-17. The c sound is entirely omitted. DICT = DIT.

1. Dictate : DIC tate (dik’ tate) v.

Command; proclaim; as, dictate a law

2. Dictator : DICT ator (dik’ tate r) n.

One who commands; an absolute ruler

3. Dictation : DICT ation (dik tay’ shun) n.

Authoritative command; as, yield to dictation

4. Diction : DIC tion (dik’ shun) n.

Language; choice of words; as, fine diction

5. Dictionary : DIC tionary (dik’ shu nare ee) n.

A reference book of words

6. Dictum : DICT um (dik’ tum) n.

The statement of a dictator

7. Dictatorship : DICT atorship (dik tate’ or ship) n.

The rule of a dictator

8. Dictatorial : DICT atorial (dik ta tore’ ee al) adj.

In the nature of a dictator

9. Contradict : contra DICT (kon tra dikt’) v.

To speak against; declare wrong

10. Indicate : in DIC ate (in’ di kate) v.

To point out; as, indicate an error

11. Indication : in DIC ation (in di kay’ shun) n.

A sign of; as, an indication of favor

12. Indicator : in DIC ator (in’ di kate r) n.

That which points to something

13. Indict : in DICT (in dite’) v.

To charge with some offense

14. Indictment : in DICT ment (in dite’ ment) n.

A charge; as, an indictment of murder

15. Indictable : in DICT able (in dite’ a b’l) adj.

Can be charged, as with crime

16. Indicter : in DICT er (in dite’ er) n.

One who makes the charge of offense

17. Indictee : in DICT ee (in die tee’) n.

The one who is charged with offense

18. Indicative : in DIC ative (in dik’ at iv) adj.

Pointing out; bringing to notice

19. Prediction : pre DICT ion (pre dik’ shun) n.

A prophecy

20. Malediction : male DICT ion (mal e dik’ shun) n.

Words of ill-will; a curse

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