Different Cultures

Different Cultures :

Amy's school needed to have a fundraiser so they could earn money to buy more computers. Amy knew that many of her classmates' families were from different countries around the world. They had many special traditions, spoke many different languages and ate many different types of foods. Amy had a brilliant idea for a fundraiser! She suggested that every student could bring in their favourite dish and hold an ethnic dinner night. She knew parents and members of the community would be glad to pay money in order to try foods from all over the world!

"That's a great idea,” Amy's teacher said.

“Let's call it 'Dinner around the World'.”

Amy brought in her favourite meal, chicken with mashed potatoes. Her friend Amina was from Ethiopia, an African country. She brought in stewed meat with spices over rice pilaf with Ethiopian bread. Ibrahim, from Morocco, brought a dish of spiced grilled lamb over white rice with fried eggplant and hummus with pita bread. Juan, from Mexico, brought chicken fajitas with Spanish rice and tortilla chips with cheese dip. Rajat, whose family is from India, brought in chicken curry over rice with raita, a sauce of yogurt mixed with cucumber. Anita, a vegetarian, brought a meal with no meat. She brought lentil soup, dinner rolls and a salad.

The fundraiser was a great success. Everyone enjoyed seeing, smelling and tasting foods from so many different cultures.

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Different Cultures :

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