ROOT-WORD is the Prefix DIS which means TAKS AWAY, NOT (Negative) & DEPRIVE OF. It is different from other ROOT-WORDS which have similar meanings. DIS carries with it a sense of failure; you had something and lost it. A soldier who played the violin and lost a couple of fingers was DISabled. A man who cheated and lost his credit became DIScredited. See?

1. Disarm : DIS arm (dis arm’) v.

To take away a weapon; leave defenseless

2. Disagree : DIS agree (dis a gree’) v.

Not to have the same opinion

3. Disaster : DIS aster (diz as’ ter) n.

A mishap; absence of your lucky star

4. Disabled : DIS abled (dis ay’ b’ld) adj.

To be deprived of use, as by an injury

5. Disadvantages : DIS advantage (dis ay’ b’ld) adj.

A loss; a detriment; a handicap

6. Disbar : DIS bar (dis bar’) v.

To keep away; as, to disbar a layer

7. Discourage : DIS courage (dis kur’ ij) v.

To take away hope; to cause to lose heart

8. Disease : DIS courage (dis eze’) n.

Not in normal state of health; sickness

9. Dishonor : DIS honor (dis on’ er) v.

To take away honor

10. Disgrace : DIS grace (Dis grase’) n.

Shame; loss of the good opinion of others

11. Disgusting : DIS gusting (dis gus; ting) adj.

Away from good taste; sickening

12. Discredit : DIS credit (dis kred’ it) v.

To refuse to accept; disbelieve

13. Disloyal : DIS loyal (dis loy’ al) adj.


14. Distrust : DIS trust (dis trust) n.

Lack of trust; doubt

15. Disconcerted : DIS concerted (disk on sert’ ed) adj.

Deprived of control; upset; disturbed

16. Dissolved : DIS solved (diz olvd’) adj.

Melted away; broken up

17. Disregard : DIS regard (dis re gard’) v.

To pay no attention to

18. Dispose : DIS pose (dis poze’) v.

To be inclined to; to throw away

19. Disapprove : DIS approve (dis a pruv’) v.

To regard as wrong

20. Disinherit : DIS inherit (dis in her; it) v.

To deprive of an inheritance

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