Disadvantages of Being Intelligent

Disadvantages of Being Intelligent

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“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds," said Einstein once. Being intelligent is the only obstacle before being peaceful and happy. What do you think?

It is common that intelligent people usually suffer from loneliness, anger and depression. Famous author Hemingway explains this situation with this quote : "Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know."

Intelligent people tend to have a hard time letting things go and focusing on daily situations. They always analyze bigger problems that they can't solve in their mind. This is the reason why they have a tendency to feel depressed.

When they realize that they don't carry the same worries as their peers, they choose to stay on their own. Or worse, they are imprisoned in their own sadness.

These people carry the burden of being aware of their intelligence. People expect too much from them since they are intelligent. Intelligent people are usually overwhelmed by these expectations.

Intelligent people generally tend to live in a constant state of anxiety. According to research done in Canada, students with higher IQ's experience much more anxiety during the day. This anxiety is usually from important daily problems. These students tend to think more about negative events during the day.

The ones who received higher scores on the perceptual quizzes - in other words, the ones who use their brains more harmonically - are more brutal when they criticize their own mistakes, compared to others.

On a recent experiment, social dilemmas are mentioned to a subject group and these people were examined by a psychologist. The psychologist observed the subject group’s reasoning ability and their tendency towards prejudice. The results show that the ones who got higher scores in this experiment are the ones who enjoy life, have better relationships and have less anxieties. These features are less likely to be seen in the ones who have higher IQs.

These people do not enjoy every conversation they go through. For this reason, they experience a serious feeling of loneliness. If they can't manage to devote their lives to something, life is meaningless for them. For this reason, these people have a tendency to go through suicidal phases.

Another disadvantage of being intelligent is that the person is unable to be indifferent and bias-free in the situations that matter to them. It is almost impossible for these people to believe that they are wrong about something. Socrates probably explained this situation best by this quote: "I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing."

Overthinking! It is the most difficult feature of being intelligent. These people have a totally different perspective than regular people. They try to run away from unsatisfactory feelings by using their imagination skills. They believe that they'll find the infinite peace in that world and they get lost in their imagination.

They are tired of this numb and sick thing called life. They notice many things that interest them, however they can't muster will to pursue their interest. They often feel like other people prevent them from following their interests.

Since they have an extreme attention to detail and analysis, people often accuse them of coming up with conspiracy theories. Some people find this behavior paranoid at times.

Though they have difficulties admitting it, they admire people who are happy with what they have. The intelligent ones never experience the feeling of being whole. This is the reason they can't help themselves.

Since they have a hard time finding people that understand them, they have a tendency to emotionally connect when they find people like themselves.

Usually, these people are lazy. They pay the price of being intelligent by over analyzing their social life.

In short, being intelligent is the greatest obstacle of a peaceful life.

These people become unable to give and show love to their partners in their relationships. Although they find out about the other person’s real personality, they tend to ignore what they see. This is caused by having good intentions. They tend to ignore what they see in front of them. Though they try so hard to ignore what is going on, their awareness won’t let them. The downward spiral occurs at this point. They start to blame themselves for overthinking and over-analyzing things, which eventually causes them to run away from the relationship they are in.

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