ROOT-WORD is the Suffix DOM which has a Romany Gypsy origin. It means QUALITY, REALM, OFFICE & STATE. It often indicates an area that is a way, a world all its own.

1. Anglo-Saxondom : Anglo-Saxon DOM (an glo sak’ son dom) n.

The land occupied by Anglo-Saxons

2. Newspaperdom : newspaper DOM (nuz’ pae per dom) n.

The world of the press

3. Boredom : bore DOM (bord’ om) n.

State of being bored

4. Christendom : Christen DOM (kris’ en dom) n.

The Christian world

5. Dukedom : duke DOM (dyuke’ dom) n.

The rank of a duke

6. Earldom : earl DOM (earl’ dom) n.

State of being free

7. Freedom : free DOM (free’ dom) n.

State of being free

8. Halidom : hali DOM (hal’ id om) n.

State of holiness; sanctity

9. Kingdom : king DOM (king’ dom) n.

Kingship; the realm of a king

10. Martyrdom : martyr DOM (mart’ ird om) n.

Condition of being sacrificed to a cause

11. Officialdom : Official DOM (o fish’ al dom) n.

Dignity of officials

12. Professordom : Professor DOM (pro fes’ or dom) n.

Rank of professor; status in education

13. Random : ran DOM (ran’ dom) adj.

State of aimlessness; as, a random choice

14. Serfdom : serf DOM (serf’ dom) n.

The state of the near-slave

15. Stardom : star DOM (stard’ om) n.

The status of an important person is the theatre

16. Whoredom : whore DOM (hore’ dom) n.

The state of idolatry

17. Wisdom : wis DOM (wiz’ dom) n.

The state of knowledge

18. Yankeedom : Yankee DOM (yan’ kede om) n.

The world of the Northerner

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