This ROOT-WORD is DORM which comes from the Latin dormire & ormitum TO SLEEP. Many words are combined with DORM. The dormer window in the attic bedroom: The dormant partner in a business: Dormant buds on spring blooming plants - all these and more.

1. Dorm : DORM (dorm) n.

A dormitory

2. Dormitory : DORM itory (dor’ mi tore ee) n.

A building of sleeping rooms or a room that sleeps many

3. Dormancy : DORM ancy (dor’ man see) n.

State of being static; motionless

4. Dormant : DORM ant (dor’ mant) adj.

Being in a state of suspended animation; as, a dormant animal

5. Dormouse : DORM ouse (dor’ mous ) n.

A small kind of rodent resembling a squirrel

6. Dormitive : DORM itive (dor’ mi tiv) adj.

Causing sleep; as, a drug or sleeping potion

7. Dormition : DORM ition (dor mish’ un) n.

State of falling asleep; figuratively, death

8. Dormilona : DORM ilona (dor mi loe’ na) n.

A sensitive plant

9. Dormient : DORM ient (dor’ me ent) adj.


10. Dormeuse : DORM euse (dor muz’) n.

A carriage arranged for sleeping while traveling
11. Dormer : DORM er (dor’ mer) n.

A small window in a bedroom under the roof

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