duct,duce & duc

ROOT-WORDS are DUC, DUCE & DUCT which come from the Latin ducere meaning LEAD. It will indeed LEAD you to many places, people, and subjects.

1. Abduct : ab DUCT (ab dukt’) v.

To take away by force; kidnap

2. Deduct : de DUCT (de dukt’) v.

To take away from; as, deduct ten percent of the price

3. Deductible : de DUCT ible (de duk; ti b’l) adj.

Can be taken off; as, tax deductible

4. Educate : e DUC ate (ej; u kate) v.

To develop; teach; lead out from ignorance

5. Induce : in DUC e (in dyuse’) v.

To lead into; persuade

6. Induction : in DUC tion (in dek’ shun) n.

The act of leading into an official position; as, induction into the army

7. Inductometer : in DUCT ometer (in duk tom’ e ter) n.

Equipment used to measure electrical induction

8. Introduction : intro DUC tion (in tro duk; shun) n.

The act of bringing together

9. Inductile : in DUCT ile (duk’ til) adj.

Inflexible; unyielding; not easily led

10. Produce : pro DUCE (pro dyuse’) v.

To bring forth; lead forward

11. Product : pro DUCT (prod’ ukt) n.

Anything produced by growth, labor, thought

12. Productive : pro DUCT ive (pro duk’ tiv) n.

Causing to bring forth; creative

13. Production : pro DUC tion (pro duk’ shun) n.

The act of bringing forth; creation

14. Reduce : re DUCE (re dyuse’) v.

To lead to a lower position or price; as, reduce to poverty

15. Reduction : re DUC tion (re duk; shun) n.

A lowering; as a reduction in price

16. Seduce : se DUCE (se dyuse’) v.

To lead apart; lead astray

17. Conducive : con DUC ive (kon dyue’ siv) adj.

Tending to promote; as conducive to good health

18. Ducat : DUC at (duk; at) n.

A gold coin used in some European countries

19. Adueduct : aque DUCT (ak; we duct) n.

An artificial channel for bringing a large quantity of water from one place to another

20. Traduce : tra DUCE (tra dyuse’) v.

To disgrace unjustly; to slander

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