These ROOT-WORDS are the Prefixes EN & EM which mean INTO & IN. Before b, m and p, EN becomes EM. That’s right! They are the lip letters, the labials, and it is easier to pronounce a m before them than a n.

1. Encamp: EN camp (en kamp’) v.

Set up camp; as, on maneuvers

2. Encourage: EN courage (en kur’ ij) v.

Put heart into one; encourage with hope, spirit

3. Endanger: EN danger (en dane’ jer) v.

Put into danger

4. Enroll: EN roll (en rol’) v.

To enter; register

5. Enslave: EN slave (en slave’) v.

Put into slavery; make a slave of

6. Entrap: EN trap (en trap’) v.

To catch in a trap

7. Envenom: EN venom (en ven’ om) v.

To poison; as, by a snake bite

8. Environ: EN viron (en vie’ ron) v.

To put a ring around; to encircle

9. Environment: EN vironment (en vie’ ron ment) n.

The life that surrounds one; as, a neighborhood

10. Embark: EN bark (em bark’) v.

Get into a train or a ship for a journey

11. Embrace: EM brace (em brase’) v.

To take into one’s arms

12. Embitter: EM bitter (em bit’ er) v.

To make bitter

13. Employ: EM ploy (em ploy’) v.

To find a use for

14. Embody: EM body (em bod’ ee) n.

To give a body to something; as, a law must embody freedom

15. Employee: EM ployee (em ploy ee’) n.

One who works for wages from an employer

16. Employer: EM ployer (em ploy’ er) n.

One who hires others to work for him for wages

17. Employable: EM ployable (em ploy’ a b’l) adj.

Able to hold a job

18. Unemployable: un EM ployable (un em ploy’ a b’l) adj.

Not able to hold a job

19. Embroider: EM broider (em broid’ er) v.

To make fancy with stitching

20. Embellish: EM bellish (em bel’ ish) v.

To decorate; to make beautiful

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