end & endo

ROOT-WORDS are END & ENDO which mean WITHIN. And what a formidable list of words! Fortunately I do not ask you to learn them. I ask only that you learn ENDO - WITHIN. Oh, you want to learn the words, too? Well, just grasp your ROOT and go on. Remember the ROOTS that are now within you and hold on tight to the ROOT-ENDO.

1. Endobronchial : ENDO bronchial (en do bron’ ki al) adj.

Within the cavity of a bronchus

2. Endocardial : ENDO cardial (en do kard’ ee al) adj.

Within the heart

3. Endochrome : ENDO chrome (en’ do krome) n.

Coloring matter within the cell

4. Endocrine : ENDO crine (en’ do krin) n.

Any internal secretion

5. Endocrinology : ENDO crinology (en do kri nol’ o jee) n.

Science of the endocrine glands

6. Endocrinopathy : ENDO crinopathy (en do kri nop’ a thi) n.

Disorder of the endocrine glands

7. Endogamy : ENDO gamy (en dog’ a mee) n.

Marriage within a legally designated group

8. Endoparasite : ENDO parasite (en do par’ a site) n.

A parasite living within the body; as, a tapeworm

9. Endogeny : ENDO geny (en doj’ e nee) n.

Growth from within

10. Endogastric : ENDO gastric (en do gas’ trik) adj.

Relating to the inside of the stomach

11. Endopsychic : ENDO psychic (en do sie’ kik) adj.

Developing within the psyche

12. Endorachis : ENDO rachis (en do ray’ kis) n.

The membrane lining in the spinal canal

13. Endoral : END oral (en do’ ral) adj.

Within the mouth

14. Endoscope : ENDO scope (en’ do skope) n.

Instrument to see the interior of a hollow organ

15. Endosepsis : ENDO sepsis (en do sep’ sis) n.

Internal rotting away of figs

16. Endosteal : END osteal (en dos’ tee al) adj.

Within the bone

17. Endothermy : ENDO thermy ( en do ther’ mee) n.

Surgical production of heat within the tissues

18. Endotoxin : ENDO toxin (en do tok’ sin) n.

A toxin of internal origin

19. Endotrophic : ENDO trophic (en do trof’ ik) adj.

Nourished from within

20. Endophagy : ENDO phagy (en dof’ a ji) n.

Cannibalism within the family or tribe

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