English words mispronounced by non-native English speakers

English words mispronounced by non-native English speakers :

Which English words are most often mispronounced by non-native English speakers?

1. Plumber

Its correct pronunciation is plume(r) with b silent.

2. Dessert

It is pronounced as dee-sert not desert which has dry climate.

3. Pear

It's pronounced same as pair not pee-ar.

(Same can be applied for bear)

4. Sew

It's called as sou.

5. Tortoise

It's pronounced as tor-tuss.

6. Bath and bathe

They mean the same but are different parts of speech and are also pronounced differently. Bath is a noun and bathe is a verb which is mostly mispronounced as bath but the correct pronunciation is bae-th(d).

7. In continuation of bathe, bathing is pronounced as bae-th(d)ing.

8. Breath and breathe

Its more than pronunciation here, breath like bath is a noun and is pronounced as brea-th and breathe like bathe is verb and it is pronounced as bree-th.

9. Hind as in hind legs, hind brain etc.

It's pronounced as haInd not hiind like in hinder which means obstacle.

10. Asterisk

It's not tricky to pronounce but some how it is mispronounced a lot. It isn't astrik but ast-risk.

11. Zebra

It's called zeeh-bra.

12. Epitome

It's spoken as epi-tom-ee.

13. Diet

Its pronunciation is dai-et not di-te.

14. Deity

It's day-ti.

15. Vine and vineyard

Vine is pronounced as vAin just like wine but vineyard is called vIn-YaRD. You can also note the distinction in pronunciation of yard which is actually pronounced as yArd, a is emphasized in latter and not in former.

16. Wednesday

Its correct pronunciation is whens-day.

17. Dengue

This might surprise you, it did to me.

Its called Deng(i).

18. Asthma

It's pronounced as azma unlike its spelling.

19. Extempore

It's ex-tem-poré.

20. Advice / Advise

This pair is mispronounced because of lack of knowledge of the difference

between a noun and a verb.

Advice is a noun with a /s/ sound and advise is a verb with /z/ sound.

21. Pomeranian

It is the breed of dog which is wrongly pronounced as pomerian but as the name suggests, the correct pronunciation is p oh me ra ni an.

22. Capri

It's widely mispronounced, correct pronunciation is khu-pree.

We will keep editing this post as we recollect more.

English words mispronounced by non-native English speakers :

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