Know Your Next Word : etesian

3. etesian :

adjective :

1. Occurring annually (of certain Mediterranean winds)

usage :

  • British gold medal hope Paula Radcliffe suffers from asthma. She will be praying Greece's etesian wind will blow away much of the Athens smog.(Paula Radcliffe Suffers From Asthma : The News of the World (London - UK) : Aug 8 - 2004.)

    note :

    The word refers to the annual summer winds of the Mediterranean. It's derived from Latin etesius, from Greek etesios, from etos (year). Ultimately from the Indo-European root wet- (year) that is also the source of such words as veteran, veal (in the sense of yearling), and veterinary (relating to the beasts of burden, perhaps alluding to old cattle), inveterate, wether, and bellwether.

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