every once in a while

once in a while = every once in a while

from time to time


1989 - Annie Dillard - The Writing Life - Every once in a while Rahm saw a peephole in the clouds and buzzed over for a look.

Related Idioms and Phrases :

once a fool always a fool

a person cannot change their fundamental nature

1993 - Margaret Atwood - The Robber Bride - She was once a Catholic and once a Catholic, always a Catholic…according to her mother.

once and for all = once for all

now and for the last time


once and future

denoting someone or something that is eternal, enduring or constant

This expression comes from T. H. White's The Once and Future King (1958) - a series of novels about the Arthurian legends.

once bitten twice shy = once burned twice shy

a bad experience makes you wary of the same thing happening again

This expression dates from the late 19th century. A variant common in the USA is once burned twice shy.

every once in a while :

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