ROOT-WORD is the Prefix EX which means OUT & FROM. It is a very common ROOT-WORD. You meet it daily, many times, with a red light to show the way OUT. If you notice the pronunciation carefully you will see that EX is not always “eks" but sometimes “egs" (eggs).

1. Exact: EX act (eg azkt’) v.

To demand; to make give out

2. Excel: EX cel (ek sel’) v.

To surpass; outdo others

3. Excellence: EX cellence (ek’ se lens) n.

The highest quality

4. Excite: EX cite (ek site’) v.

To rouse; to stir up

5. Excitable: EX citable (ek site’ a b’l) adj.

Can be easily roused

6. Excitement: EX citement (ek site’ ment) n.

State of being excited

7. Exclude: EX clued (eks klude’) v.

Shut out

8. Exclaim: EX claim (eks klame’) v.

Cry out; shout out

9. Exclamation: EX clamation (eks kla may’ shun) n.

An outcry

10. Exit: EX it (eg’ zit) n.

A way out of a building

11. Exit: EX it (eg’ zit) v.

To leave; go out of

12. Expect: EX pect (ek spekt’) v.

To look out for; await

13. Expelled: EX pelled (ekspeld’) v.

Thrown out; as, expelled from school

14. Express: EX press (ek spres’) v.

To speak out

15. Expression: EX pression (ek spresh’ un) n.

The act of stating something

16. Excavate: EX cavate (ek’ ska vate) v.

To hollow out; make a hold in

17. Exception: EX caption (ek sep’ shun) n.

Something left out of general use; as, an exception to a rule

18. Extend: EX tend (ek stend’) v.

To stretch out; to lay out at full length

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