Experience is the mother of Science.

Experience is the mother of Science.

Experience is the mother of Science.

The maxim above says that experiencing in any field by indulging the same repeatedly without hesitation and negligence is the key guidance to invent something in the field concerned to give long lasting benefit as experience enhances one to overcome the difficulties at times and leads to accomplish greatly.

All the developments in this world have been brought about scientists who toiled hard day and night. Thomas Alva Edison is one of the greatest inventors in the world. He has invented a lot of objects like filament bulb, cinematography and Gramophone disc. He always used to be in a thinking mood and played very little in his childhood days. He was considered as a dull student by his teacher. But his mother educated him privately and he picked up interest in science. He slanted his research and soon he built his lab. He used to work day and night in his lab and he used to do the experiments several times until he made his invention perfect. Once he was trying to make a gramophone disc he spent a whole night and finally a way to make good quality wax for recording purpose. Similarly while making filament light bulb he tried more than thousand times and found a perfect way to make it. So the experience and practicing them repeatedly, one can acquire knowledge which leads one to create things of wonder. Repeatedly doing the same provides one the deep knowledge to analyze the pros and cons and do’s and don’ts. Mere reading hooks and hearing information will not make a man great, but by practicing them the can learn something which text book reading has not given him.

Example is better than precept.

This famous proverb advises us that it is better that one who tenders advice to others on any issue must put an example before others by following them than to just tendering those who seek advice.

This is an old proverb but is true forever. It advises those who think that the advice they give on any issue that comes up in their course of action. Before one tenders advice to others one should introspect oneself whether one follows them. If the preceptor does not follow the advice he imparts, then those advice will not impress others and also none will be impressed by him. When one is with the habit of smoking and ask the children not to smoke, it won’t have any impression on them. They may not smoke at that time out of fear but will surely make an experiment when a chance occurs.

If father asks the boy or the girl to rise early and go for a walk but he himself rises very late, his advice will not impress the children. To make the precept work, the preceptor must prove it from his own life.

Many social workers and political leaders advise the young boys and everyone who comes across them. They ask others to be moralist when they themselves indulge in bribery and scam. When such a person is exposed with a charge of scam, he impresses none. On the other hand, Mother Teresa set an example herself to serve the affected and the afflicted people. She did not preach or advise anything to anyone. But she invited the lepers and others who suffer with ailments and mined them. Now many follow her example.

So, a single behavior is enough to expose mid explain one’s attribute instead of imparting thousand types of sermons.

Experience is the mother of Science.


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