Favorite English Words

Favorite English Words :

What are some of your Favorite English Words?

There are umpteen number of English words which I encounter on daily basis as I'm obsessed with this strange habit of reading dictionary. Yes you read it right. I do read dictionary daily. So here I’m mentioning couple of my favorite English words.

Aftermath = results of an unpleasant event

Pluviophile = a lover of rain

Serene = calm and peaceful

Euphoria = great happiness

Crestfallen = sad and disappointed

Bonhomie = friendliness

Grotesque = unnatural, bizarre

Zephyr = a gentle wind

Nadir and zenith = lowest and highest (which are antonyms. Nadir happens to be lowest point or unsuccessful point in a situation and zenith happens to be greatest point or power.)

Connoisseur = an expert judge in matters of taste

Thank you.

Favorite English Words :

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