fili & fila

ROOT-WORDS are FILA & FILI which mean THREAD. We meet words with this ROOT in electricity and the electrically operated machines of modern invention. The word filament is as well known as thread. The silkworm culture is another fascinating industry where some of these words are used, as well as botany, anatomy and zoology. And in all these areas, the knowledge of the Root FILUM, (which comes from the Latin filum meaning thread), from which these words are made, immediately increases and intensifies vocabulary enrichment.

1. Filament : FILA ment (fil’ a ment) n.

A threadlike conductor heated by electrical current

2. Filate : FILA te (fie’ late) adj.

Slender; threadlike

3. Filator : FILA tor (fie’ lay tor) n.

An organ connected with the silkworm’s spinneret

4. Filature : FILA ture (fil’ a chur) n.

A reel for drawing the silk from a cocoon

5. Filet : FIL et (fi lay’) n.

Lace made of fine threads

6. Filigree : FILI gree (fil’ i gree) n.

Delicate ornamental work of gold and silver in intricate design

7. Filipendulous : FILI pendulous (fil i pen’ due lus) adj.

Suspended by thread or string

8. Filite : FILI te (fie’ lite) n.

A smokeless powder made in cords

9. Fillet : FIL let (fil’ et) n.

A little band to encircle the hair

10. Filum : FIL um (fie’ lum) n.

A thread

11. Filipendula : FILI pendula (fil i pen’ due la) n.

A small genus of herbs that blooms perennially

12. Filiform : FILI form (fil’ i form) adj.

Having the shape of a thread

13. Filiferous : FILI ferrous (fie lif’ er us) adj.

Bearing threads

14. Filicauline : FILI cauline (fil i kau’ lin) n.

Having a threadlike stem

15. Filamentous : FILA mwentous (fil a ment’ us) adj.

Full of threads; having threads

16. Filaceous : FILA ceous (fil lay’ shus) adj.

Composed of threads

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