fort, fortuna & forc

These ROOT-WORDS are FORC & FOT meaning STRONG and FORTUNA (meaning FORTUNE & CHANCE) . Be careful not to confuse the two! Words 1 to 13 all have an element of strength in their meanings; words 14 to 18 involve an element of chance. Read Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo, and you will get a powerful idea of word No. 9. Remember the keys!

1. Fort : FORT (fort) n.

A stronghold for protection

2. Fortalice : FORT alice (fort’ al is) n.

A small fort

3. Forte : FORT e (fort) n.

One’s strong point; as, writing is his forte

4. Fortification : FORT ification (fort i fi kay’ shun) n.

A stronghold

5. Fortissimo : FORT issimo (for tis’ i more) adj.

Using the utmost loudness

6. Fortitude : FORT itude (fort’ i tude) n.

Strength of mind and character to endure

7. Fortress : FORT ress (for’ tres) n.

A fortified place

8. Force : FORC e (fors) n.

Power; strength; pressure

9. Forcat : FORC at (for sa’) n.

In France, A convict condemned to hard labor

10. Effort : ef FORT (ef’ ort) n.

The putting forth of strength; as, an effort of will

11. Comfortable : com FORT able (kom’ fort a b’l) adj.

Giving strength and ease

12. Enforce : en FORCE e (en fors’) v.

Put force in; use pressure; as, enforce law

13. Effortless : ef FORT less (ef’ ort les) adj.

Without force; without pressure

14. Fortuitous : FORTU itous (for tyue’ it us) adj.

Happening by chance; unexpected

15. Fortuna : FORTUN a (for tue’ na) n.

The goddess of fortune

16. Fortunate : FORTUN ate (forch’ u nat) adj.

Having good luck

17. Unfortunate : un FORTUn ate (un forch’ u nat) adj.

Unlucky; as, an unfortunate accident

18. Misfortune : mis FORTUn e (mis for’ chun) n.

Bad luck; disaster

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