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Idiom : A 1

1. Excellent
2. First-rate

Example Sentence : The full form of this expression is A 1 at Lloyd's. In Lloyd's Register of Shipping, the phrase was used of ships in first-class condition as to the hull (A) and stores (1). The US equivalent is A No. 1. Both have been infigurative use since the mid 19th century.

Idiom : from A to B

Meaning :

1. From your starting point to your destination
2. From one place to another

Example Sentence : 1987 K. Rushforth Tree Planting & Management : The purpose of street tree planting is to make the roads and thoroughfares pleasant in their own right, not just as places used to travel from A to B.

Idiom : from A to Z

Meaning :

1. Over the entire range
2. In every particular

Example Sentence : 1998 Salmon, Trout & Sea-Trout : In order to have seen Scotland's game fishing in its entirety, from A to Z, visiting 30 stretches of river and 350 lochs a year, you would have to be travelling for a hundred years.

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