ROOT-WORD is the Suffix FUL which means FULL OF. Notice the spelling of this key. The suffix has only one “I" whereas the word “full" has two. Notice Nos. 7, 8 and 14. In adding FUL the y in beauty is changed to I; the same change occurs with pity and duty. LY can be added to each one of these words, except Nos. 5 and 13.

1. Frightful : fright FUL (frite’ ful) adj.

Able to make one full of terror

2. Careful: care FUL (kare’ ful) adj.

Taking care; watchful

3. Doubtful: doubt FUL (dout’ ful) adj.

Having doubts; uncertain

4. Grateful: grate FUL (grate’ ful) adj.

Full of thanks; glad to give thanks

5. Earful: ear FUL (eer’ ful) adj.

An ear full of news or gossip

6. Fearful: fear FUL ((feer’ ful) adj.

Full of fear; frightened

7. Beautiful: beauty FUL (byue’ ti ful) adj.

Full of beauty

8. Dutiful: duti FUL (due’ ti ful) adj.

Fulfilling all duties

9. Helpful: help FUL (help’ ful) adj.

Willing to help; able to help

10. Graceful: grace FUL (grase’ ful) adj.

Full of grace; tactful

11. Hopeful: hope FUL (hope’ ful) adj.

Full of hope; expectant

12. Joyful: joy FUL (joy’ ful) adj.

Full of hope; expectant

13. Mouthful: mouth FUL (mouth’ ful) adj.

As much as the mouth will hold

14. Pitiful: piti FUL (pi’ ti ful) adj.

Able to fill with pity; pathetic

15. Restful: rest FUL (rest’ ful) adj.

Bringing rest, as a restful sleep

16. Shameful: shame FUL (shame’ ful) adj.

Fill of shame; disgraceful

17. Tearful: tear FUL (teer’ ful) adj.

Full of tears; weeping

18. Vengeful: venge FUL (venj’ ful) adj.

Full of plans to repay evil for evil

19. Tactful: tact FUL (takt’ ful) adj.

Having a nicety of feeling so as not to hurt others; poised

20. Worshipful: worship FUL (wor’ ship ful) adj.

Worthy of respect, of honor

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