Future Tenses

Future Tenses :

  1. He will calculate the sum.
  2. He will celebrate Diwali.
  3. He will damage the door.
  4. He will divide the property.
  5. He will ensure me.
  6. He will excuse me.
  7. He will force me.
  8. He will game at me.
  9. He will heave a sigh of relief.
  10. He will hire a taxi.
  11. He will ignore my request.
  12. He will imagine a lot.
  13. He will investigate the case.
  14. He will invite us.
  15. He will judge correctly.
  16. He will like coffee.

  17. I will calculate the money.
  18. I will celebrate Pongal.
  19. I will damage the window.
  20. I will divide the poem.
  21. I will ensure you.
  22. I will excuse you.
  23. I will force you.
  24. I will game at you.
  25. I will heave a sigh of relief.
  26. I will hire a car.
  27. I will ignore your idea.
  28. I will imagine a lot.
  29. I will investigate the case.
  30. I will invite you.
  31. I will judge properly.
  32. I will like juice.

  33. She will calculate the price.
  34. She will celebrate Ramzan.
  35. She will damage the glass.
  36. She will divide the sheet.
  37. She will ensure him.
  38. She will excuse him.
  39. She will force him.
  40. She will game at him.
  41. She will heave a sigh of relief.
  42. She will hire an auto.
  43. She will ignore my opinion.
  44. She will imagine a lot.
  45. She will investigate the case.
  46. She will invite me.
  47. She will judge accurately.
  48. She will like tea.

  49. They will calculate the price.
  50. They will celebrate Party.
  51. They will damage the house.
  52. They will divide the money.
  53. They will ensure us.
  54. They will excuse us.
  55. They will force us.
  56. They will game at us.
  57. They will heave a sigh of relief.
  58. They will hire a building.
  59. They will ignore suggestion.
  60. They will imagine a lot.
  61. They will investigate the case.
  62. They will invite us.
  63. They will judge occasionally.
  64. They will like butter milk.

  65. We will calculate the price.
  66. We will celebrate New Year.
  67. We will damage the parcel.
  68. We will divide the chocolate.
  69. We will ensure them.
  70. We will excuse them.
  71. We will force her.
  72. We will game at them.
  73. We will heave a sigh of relief.
  74. We will hire a jewel.
  75. We will ignore you suggestion.
  76. We will imagine a lot.
  77. We will investigate the case.
  78. We will invite you.
  79. We will judge rarely.
  80. We will like dosai.

  81. You will calculate the cost.
  82. You will celebrate Christmas.
  83. You will damage the cup.
  84. You will divide the packet.
  85. You will ensure her.
  86. You will excuse her.
  87. You will force them.
  88. You will game at him.
  89. You will heave a sigh of relief.
  90. You will hire a house.
  91. You will ignore his idea.
  92. You will imagine a lot.
  93. You will investigate the case.
  94. You will invite them.
  95. You will judge formally.
  96. You will like vada.

Future Tenses :

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