How do you get rid of your stage fear?

How do you get rid of your stage fear?

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How do you get rid of your stage fear?

Ever tried taking a bath in cold water on a cold morning? Isn't the first touch of the cold water pure torture? After the first jug, the second is not all that bad, the third one is ok and soon you start revelling in the tingling, refreshing feeling that only a cold water bath can give you. Stage fear is something like this. The first speech is the worst. The first thirty seconds are the worst even for accomplished speakers.

You can never really conquer stage fear. After thousands of speeches, accomplished speakers still feel the flutter of butterflies in the stomach, as soon as they get up to speak. This is a good sign. It is your body telling you that extra energy is available to you in case you need it. So the difference between an accomplished speaker and a novice is that the accomplished speaker has learned to channelise this flow of energy.

The following tips will help you tackle this phenomenon:

1. Ensure that every speech is well prepared.

2. I repeat, ensure that you prepare, prepare, prepare.

3. As you walk up to the dais to begin speaking, try to walk slowly. Consciously take deep breaths.

4. Before you begin, look around the hall. LOOK at your audience. You are sure to find some friendly faces. Address your first words to them.

6. Welcome every opportunity to speak.

7. Get your spouse to critically observe your speech and give you suggestions on improving the next time.

8. Begin your speech with formalities or a good personal anecdote. It need not be very funny. Its main purpose is to help you and not the audience.

9. Never attempt to by heart your speech. You are guaranteed to fail!!

So, you have something in common with EVERY speaker in the world. Remember as long as you are nervous at the beginning, you can use it to deliver your best.

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