Glutton digs his grave with his teeth.

Glutton digs his grave with his teeth.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he will eat forever.

The use of teaching a practical application in life is illustrated in this saying. When a man is hungry, giving him a fish will help him for a day…but if he is taught how to fish he can take up the trade of fishing and can lead a good life. If we want to help a man we will have to teach him a trade or help him to get a job rather than giving him some money, because whatever money we give him will last him for only a short time.

There are some trades like handicrafts do not require a lot of money to be invested. But they require a great skill with the hand. Unemployment is a very high in our country and we cannot expect the government or the private industries to provide job for all of us. But if we learn a trade or a handicraft we will be able to start our own business and even provide employment to a lot of people.

Glutton digs his grave with his teeth.

Glutton is defined as a person who eats excessively and is also eager to cat more. He always thinks about food and about eating them. Such a person will always dream about food even in their sleep. The formal meaning is a glutton always eats heavily and such heavy eating will cause disease and finally cause his death.

Even food should be taken in moderation and so it should not be taken heavily. Eating a large quantity of food causes the internal digestive organs to work continuously and so they get tired…so they will not work properly after certain point of time and this will cause abdominal disorders like indigestion. Sometimes such a situation may also cause elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure and other types of lifestyle disorders. Food should be taken in moderation and taking less food or more food is not good to the body. So we should watch what we eat and how much we eat to stay healthy.

So we should restrict our eating habits in order to have a healthy body and sound mind. Failing which we will face the problems of excessive fats and unwanted cholesterol. The man who has moderate eating habits lives long and happy life.

Glutton digs his grave with his teeth.


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