ROOT-WORD is GRAT which means PLEASING. Very PLEASING, indeed, are the words on the list, giving pleasure all around, except No. 6. That is a tricky word to use. Actually it means giving something not asked for. That is implicit in the word because it means unearned, for nothing.

1. Grateful : GRAT eful (grate’ ful) adj.

Thankful; appreciative

2. Gratis : GRAT is (grat’ is) adv.

As a favor; without payment; as, you may have it gratis

3. Gratify : GRAT ify (grat’ i fie) v.

To please; to satisfy

4. Gratification : GRAT ification (grat i fi kay’ shun) n.

State of being pleased

5. Gratuity : GRAT uity (gra tue’ it ee) n.

Extra money not earned; as, a tip

6. Gratuitous : GRAT uitous (gra tue’ it ee) n.

Extra money not earned; as, a tip

7. Gratuitant : GRAT uitous (gra tue’ i tant) n.

One who receives a favor

8. Gratulatory : GRAT ulatory (grach’ u la tore ee) adj.

Having the quality of pleasing

9. Gratia : GRAT ia (gray’ shi a) n.

Feminine name meaning grace, favor

10. Gratitude : GRAT itude (grat’ i tude) n.

Thankfulness; appreciation

11. Gratulant : GRAT ulant (grach’ u lant) adj.

Showing satisfaction, gratification

12. Gratiano : GRAT iano (gra shi a’ no) n.

A character in Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice"

13. Ingrate : in GRAT e (in’ grate) n.

One who is ungrateful

14. Ingratitude : in GRAT itude (in grat’ i tude) n.

Thanklessness; failure to appreciate

15. Ingratiate : in GRAT iate (in gray’ shee ate) v.

Worm oneself into favor; be a sycophant

16. Gratulate : GRAT ulate (grach’ u late) v.

Congratulate; express joy

17. Congratulate : con GRAT ulate (kon grach’ u late) v.

Rejoice together with the one who has been honored

18. Con grazia : con GRAZ ia (kon gra’ tzy a) n.

(An Italian phrase used about music) With grace

19. Congratulation : con GRAT ulation (kon grach u lay’ shun) n.

Act of congratulating a person

20. De gratia : de GRAT ia (dee gray’ shi a)

(A Latin phrase used in law) By favor

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