How is your father?

How is your father? :

sexual intercourse – British informal

A pre-World War I music-hall catchphrase how is your father was earlier used to mean nonsense before acquiring its present sexual sense. It is now used also to refer to a man's penis.


founding father :

someone who establishes an institution

Founding Father is used in particular of an American statesman at the time of the Revolution especially a member of the Federal Constitutional Convention of 1787.

like father like son :

a son's character or behaviour can be expected to resemble that of his father

The Latin version of this expression is qualis pater talis filius. The female equivalent like mother like daughter is based on Ezekiel 16 : 44 : Behold, every one that useth proverbs shall use this proverb against thee saying…. As is the mother so is the daughter.

How is your father? :

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