How to use ARE?

How to use ARE? :

are + (You, They, We) + verb + ing?

ARE is used to form Present Continuous Tense.
They are used in the Passive Voice.

Question Forms :

Are + you + verb + ing?
Are + they + verb + ing?
Are + we + verb + ing?

Are you going to college?
Are you waiting for me?
Are you returning from the office?
Are you returning the library book?
Are you buying vegetables?
Are you learning English?
Are you rending a parcel?
Are you inviting your friends?
Are you committing the mistakes?
Are they going to church?
Are they working in your office?
Are they breaking the stones?
Are they coming here?
Are they conducting yoga classes?
Are the students attending the interview?
Are they going to Ooty?
Are the teachers correcting the exam-papers?
Are the students dancing on the stage?
Are we coming late?
Are we playing?
Are we traveling by the bus?
Are we having food?
Are we booking the room?
Are we looking for a house?
Are we searching for a book?
Are we planning for a tour?

Affirmative Answers :

Yes. They + are + verb + ing.
Yes. We + are + verb + ing.
Yes. You + are + verb + ing.

Yes. I am going to college.
Yes. I am waiting for you.
Yes. I am returning from the office.
Yes. I am returning the Kray hook.
Yes. I am buying vegetables.
Yes. I am learning English.
Yes. I am sending a parcel.
Yes. I am inviting my friends.
Yes. I am correcting the mistakes.
Yes. They are going to church.
Yes. They are working in my office.
Yes. They are breaking the stones.
Yes. They are coming here.
Yes. They are conducting yoga classes.
Yes. The students are attending the interview.
Yes. They are going to Ooty.
Yes. The teachers are correcting the papers.
Yes. The students are dancing on the stage.
Yes. We are coming late.
Yes. We are playing cricket.
Yes. We are travelling in the bus.
Yes. We are having food.
Yes. We are booking the room.
Yes. We are looking for a bouse.
Yes. We are searching for a book.
Yes. We are planning for a tour.

Negative Answers :

No. They + are + not + verb + ing.
No. We + are + not + verb + ing.
No. You + are + not + verb + ing.

No. I am not going to college.
No. I am not wailing for you.
No. I am returning from the office.
No. I am not returning from the office.
No. I am not buying vegetables.
No. I am not learning English.
No. 1 am not sending a parcel.
No, I am not inviting my friends.
No. I am not correcting the mistakes.
No. They are not going to church.
No. They are not working in your office.
No. They are not breaking the stones.
No. They are not coming here.
No. They are not conducting yoga classes.
No. The students are not attending the interview.
No. They are not going to Ooty.
No. The teachers are not correcting the exam-papers.
No. The students are not dancing on the stage.
No. We are not coming late.
No. We are not playing cricket.
No. We are not travelling in the bus.
No. We are not having food.
No. We are not booking the room.
No. We are not looking for a house.
No. We are not searching for a book.
No. We are not planning for a tour.

How to use ARE?

How to use ARE? :


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