How to use DID?

How to use DID?

Question Forms :

1. Did you meet the teacher?
2. Did you bind the books?
3. Did you begin the work?
4. Did you come here yesterday?
5. Did you fight with Ganesh?
6. Did you keep the books on the table?
7. Did you pronounce the words correctly?
8. Did the batsman strike a four?
9. Did the peon sweep the floor?
10. Did the electrician wind the wire?
11. Did the master blow the whistle?
12. Did you do your work?
13. Did Meera learn driving?
14. Did Ravi leave a message for me?
15. Did your uncle get you a present?
16. Did they hear the news?
17. Did Kanesh run to catch the bus?
18. Did Mala drink milk?
19. Did the guest give a speech?
20. Did Sheela lie on the sofa?
21. Did Preetha ride on a horse?
22. Did that boy ring the bell?
23. Did the policeman find the thief?
24. Did the boys sing well in the competition?

Affirmative Answers :

1. Yes. I met the teacher.
2. Yes. I bound the books.
3. Yes. I began the work.
4. Yes. I came here yesterday.
5. Yes. I fought with Ganesh.
6. Yes. I kept the book on the table.
7. Yes. I pronounced the words correctly.
8. Yes. The bats man struck a four.
9. Yes. The peon swept the floor.
10. Yes. The electrician winded the wire.
11. Yes. The master blew the whistle.
12. Yes. I did my work.
13. Yes. Meera learnt driving.
14. Yes. Ravi left a message for you.
15. Yes. My uncle got me a present.
16. Yes. They heard the news.
17. Yes. Rajesh ran to catch the bus.
18. Yes. Mala drank milk.
19. Yes. The guest gave a speech.
20. Yes. Sheela lay on the sofa.
21. Yes. Preetha rode on a horse.
22. Yes. That boy rang the bell.
23. Yes. The policeman found the thief.
24. Yes. The boy sang well in the competition.

Negative Answers :

1. No. I did not meet the teacher.
2. No. I did not bind the books.
3. No. I did not begin the work.
4. No. I did not come here yesterday.
5. No. I did not fight with Ganesh.
6. No. I did not keep the books in the table.
7. No. I did not pronounce the words correctly.
8. No. The batsman did not strike a four.
9. No. The peon did not sweep the floor.
10. No. The electrician did not wind the wire.
11. No. The master did not blow the whistle.
12. No. I did not do my work.
13. No. Meera did not learn driving.
14. No. Ravi did not leave a message for me.
15. No. My uncle did not get me a present.
16. No. They did not hear the news.
17. No. Rajesh did not run catch the bus.
18. No. Mala did not drink milk.
19. No. The guest did not give a speech.
20. No. Sheela did not lie on the sofa.
21. No. Preetha did not ride on a horse.
22. No. That boy did not ring the hell.
23. No. The policemen did not find the thief.
24. No. The boy did not sing well in the competition.

How to use DID?

How to use DID?


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