How to use DID?

How to use DID?

Did + (I, we, you, he, she, it, they) + verb?

DID is used to denoted the completed actions.

Question Forms :

Did + I + verb?
Did + we + verb?
Did + you + verb?
Did + he + verb?
Did + she + verb?
Did + it + verb?
Did + they + verb?

Did he stand on the bench?
Did he stick the photo?
Did he begin?
Did she leach English?
Did she tell a story?
Did she begin the work?
Did she break the test tube?
Did she choose the dresses?
Did Ravi draw a picture?
Did Shyam build a temple?
Did Meera feed the dog?
Did you shoot the bird?
Did Ramesh lose his watch?
Did it work well?
Did I complete the work?
Did I act m the drama?
Did you meet the principal?
Did you buy a watch?
Did you pay the fee?
Did you sell your car?
Did you sleep here?
Did they go to library?
Did they speak well?

Affirmative Answers :

Yes. I + Past Tense of The verb.
Yes. We + Past Tense of The verb.
Yes. You + Past Tense of The verb.
Yes. He + Past Tense of The verb.
Yes. She + Past Tense of The verb.
Yes. It + Past Tense of The verb.
Yes. They + Past Tense of The verb.

Yes. He stood on the bench.
Yes. He stuck the photos.
Yes. He began.
Yes. She taught English.
Yes. She told a story.
Yes. She began the work.
Yes. She broke the test tube.
Yes. She chose the dresses.
Yes, Ravi drew a picture.
Yes. Shyam built a temple.
Yes. Meets feed the dog.
Yes. I shot the bird.
Yes. Ramesh lost his watch.
Yes. It worked well.
Yes. You completed the work.
Yes. You acted in the drama.
Yes, I met the principal.
Yes. I bought a watch.
Yes. I paid the fee.
Yes. I sold my car.
Yes. I slept here.
Yes. They went to library.
Yes. They spoke well.

Negative Answers :

No. I + did + not + verb.
No. We + did + not + verb.
No. You + did + not + verb.
No. He + did + not + verb.
No. She + did + not + verb.
No. It + did + not + verb.
No. They + did + not + verb.

No. I did not stand upon bench.
No. He did not stick the photos.
No. He did not begin.
No. She did not teach English.
No. She did not tell a story.
No. She did not begin the work.
No. She did not break the test tube.
No. She did not choose the dresses.
No. Ravi did not draw a picture.
No. Shyam did not build a temple.
No. Meera did not feed the dog.
No. I did not shoot the bird.
No. Ramesh did not lose his watch.
No. It did not work well.
No. You did not complete the work.
No. You did not act in the drama.
No. I did not meet the principal.
No. I did not buy a watch.
No. I did not pay the fee.
No. I did not sell my car.
No. I did not sleep here.
No. They did not go to library.
No. They did not speak well.

How to use DID?

How to use DID?


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